Self-Care Priorities

Thursday, January 31, 2019

I’ve been mothering for almost seven years and a wife for almost nine. Self-care wasn’t even on my radar in my early years of marriage. However, it became an urgent need during my pregnancy and postpartum years. Now that I’ve made it through the last of my postpartum years my self-care needs have changed.

When my first child was born I didn’t think much about self-care. I was busy basking in the magic of newborn bliss and all that it entails. When my second child was born I started to feel a nudge to make time for self-care. For me, that was simply taking time off and away from the family. When I got a few hours away to run errands I considered that my self-care. As my oldest child grew out of toddlerhood and my youngest grew into it I began a Waldorf Teacher Training which was another form of self-care. It allowed me a significant amount of time away from the family on a weekend day while furthering my education. Shortly after I began the training I found out that I was pregnant with our third child. I abruptly stopped the training and focused on my family. Self-care at this time began to take the form of indulging in used book sales, thrifting, and nesting into our family bedroom alone to read or watch TV and knit. These simple ways of filling my cup in the last few years have served me well. I’ve felt rejuvenated, sane, and ready to take on a new day. Until…

I realized I was missing out on the best and most crucial part of self-care. I was ignoring my physical health. I didn’t realize that my emotional health was directly tied to my physical health. Of course I knew this as a general rule but it took an epiphany for me to really bring it into focus. Well, maybe not so much an epiphany but a day where I was feeling really off and not-well. After some prayer I began to see where I needed to pay attention in my self-care.

Each month I suffer through extreme PMS, frequent abdominal pain, mood swings in the form of a really short temper, constant fatigue, and I’ve been overweight. This is how I feel most of the time. How awful! Until now I’ve just lived with it and swept all of these issues under the rug. But, I realized my health is affecting all of us. The children are learning from me and my husband has to live with me. Is this the me I want for them? No. I can do better.

In slow but steady steps I’m making my way to a healthier me. My protocol is simply lots of water, a better diet, and natural movement exercise. Lucky for me my husband is 110% on board. He’s thrilled that we have dusted off our juicer and I’m willing to eat more veggies. I still need to take my time to run errands, knit alone, and continue Waldorf Teacher Training but those things alone no longer fill my self-care cup. It’s time to prioritize a healthier life-style.


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