Grade One Watercolor Painting

Monday, February 4, 2019

Towards the end of December and beginning of January I made the decision that I wanted to use up all of the homeschool material we have on hand. I don’t want anything new brought in until our old stuff is used up. I have kits, workbooks, materials, and some curriculums that are all in that must use before moving on list. I guess you could call this my use what you have challenge for homeschool.  

This week’s use what I have was the Waldorfish Grade One Watercolor Painting Curriculum. We started this curriculum in September. We started off with a fairly good consistency with the lessons but somewhere through the months we let it slip out of our days. Today I tried to revive it.

I love this curriculum. I wanted to include Waldorf watercolor painting in our homeschool but I had no idea how to teach it. This curriculum gave me every tool to teach me to teach grade one watercolor. Truly, everything about it is fantastic: the instructional videos, the color stories to tell the children (in my case read to the children), and the helpful tips were all perfect.

Now, fitting it into our homeschool days has been a challenge, hence why it slipped off our weekly lesson list. Wet-on-wet watercolor painting and the way I was teaching it took some prep work that I just wasn’t eager to do. This is because I feel so stretched and busy in all other areas of my life. Toddler in the house – need I say more?

I brought out the curriculum again today and picking up where we left off decided that we’ve had enough for this year. Perhaps next year we will return to it or perhaps even move on to grade two but for now, it’s better for everyone if watercolor ceases to be a “lesson” and comes out when requested for free time painting. I’m glad I have this curriculum on hand for when we do decided to do watercolor lessons again.


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