A New Set-Up

Monday, March 4, 2019
Sum Swamp with my first grader. 

My pre-k daughter doing some unprompted free play sorting.

I’ve been trying to get a solid routine down for what feels like years now. I see other homeschoolers that seem to have a plan in place and I try, try, and try again to get my own. Well, last week everything that I thought was working just seemed to unravel at the seams. We took a few days off from homeschooling while I wrapped my head around the best way to move forward.

We’ve been working with a language arts and math curriculum for my first grader that I like. But, last week it just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I think my first grader was getting bored with it – bored as in painfully bored. I don’t blame him because I, myself, get bored without variety.  So, what I did was this:

I put together two different boxes –one for language arts and one for math.  Each box has a few different games and workbooks (or anything fun relating to the subject). The ideas is he picks one game and can choose which 2-3 pages of workbook per subject he wants to do for the day. Working with the games and the workbooks of his choosing gets those subjects covered for the day, mostly.

Today was the first day I implemented our new set up and I’m very pleased. We started our day by playing games - Mindo with my pre-k daughter and Sum Swamp with my first grade son. I gave my toddler a scale and some dominos and he was content with that for quite a while. After we finished Sum Swamp we effortlessly moved into our math workbook. We took a break for snack and then came back to do our language arts. I continued with the curriculum I’ve been using because I really do have such great results with it. My son breezed through it so we moved on to finish our academic day with Rory’s Story Cubes.  

Other highlights of the day included me attempting to sew a trivet or basket with some yarn my son finger knit this morning and spending some time knitting while my children wrestled in the backyard. It was a media-free day and kids were in bed by 7:00. Success! J

**As I was helping my son with his pajamas I handed him his shirt and pants, he says, “SH-irt – S H like we read today and P for pants.” I acknowledged and praised him for his observation and applying what he has learned. It made my homeschooling mama heart happy and also was a really nice way to ease into our nighttime routine. 


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